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Your Verge

The verge outside your house comes in a variety of shapes. You may find a rain garden, a habitat tree area, passive tree watering or a more standard verge.


Think of your front verge the front entrance to your home, it is your asset! 


At Ginninderry we have approval for grass verges. To assist you in selecting an appropriate grass species for your verge, within the Ginninderry display village there is a turf trial test plot where you can see how different varieties of turf perform in the Canberra climate. As part of your land sale contract with Ginninderry you are required to install and maintain a turf verge after you have completed the construction of your home.


Top Tip!

Parking on the verge is illegal in Canberra. It compacts the soil and means that grass and other plants roots can not break through the soil.

In certain circumstances the ACT Government permits growing plants on your verge up to 50cm high (20cm in bushfire prone areas). This includes many edible plants and creepers and presents a great opportunity to create beauty in the street. Any work you do on your verge needs to comply with the requirements of the ACT Government and may need approval. You can find information from the ACT Government about how you can look after your verge here.

Urban Agriculture has some great tips on verge gardening.

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