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Speed limits for cars are reduced throughout the Ginninderry precinct. The Green Link is a shared zone for pedestrians, cyclists and cars who must drive below 20km/hour. Car drivers must be alert in these areas to give priority to those on foot or on bikes.

Smaller suburban roads have been designed for lower speed limits (40km/hr), while the central boulevard is 60km/hour.

For electric car owners, there is an electric car charging station located near The Link building in the Strathnairn Arts carpark. Another charging station will be installed at Paddys Park in coming years.

Don’t Park on the Verge! Parking on the verge is illegal in Canberra. It compacts the soil and means that grass and other plants roots can not break through the soil.

Top Tip!

Have you considered Car Sharing? There are a number of car sharing companies, but one of the easiest is Car Next Door, where you can directly participate and share your car while you are not using it. It’s also a great way to meet neighbours and make new friends. GoGet is another short-term car hire program that operates in Canberra.

There’s an App for that!

PlugShare is the #1 App for finding Electric Vehicle charging stations.

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