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Edible Garden

Growing your own food is a great way to relax, learn about your environment, save money and reduce waste. If you are planning on growing edible plants there are ways to do this organically. Canberra Organic Growers has a wealth of resources that are available online. Have a look here.

We also offer an edible front garden as a front landscape design. You can add to this as time goes on. Some of the easiest things to grow are perennial herbs such as sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano and tarragon, to name a few. They form great hedges or ground cover, add beauty and aroma to a garden and are great for our birds and bees!

Another easy thing to grow is salad greens. The salad plant, Rocket, is usually very vigorous, dying back in Winter but sprouting readily in Spring through to Autumn. Salad greens are often heavily packaged in plastic bags so growing your own is an easy way to avoid bringing plastic home from the shops.

If you don’t have much yard space you can join the Community Garden planned for Strathnairn (coming soon!) or visit The Link and chat to Tuli and we can arrange for you to adopt a planter bed.

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