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If you’d like to extend your networks, gain new experiences or learn something new volunteering is a great way to do this. Here are some suggestions for volunteering in the local area, get in touch with them to find out more. If you have any other suggestions for volunteering opportunities let us know on 1800 316 900.


Citizen Science Champions

“What’s Citizen Science?” Citizen Science is for anyone (that’s you!) taking part in scientific exploration, studies and learning about our world. It is a very rewarding way to be involved in conservation efforts and generally caring for our planet. Here are some Citizen Science initiatives that you can get involved in. 


The Conservation Corridor

Once the Conservation Corridor is established it will present many opportunities to get involved in local volunteering activities. Keep an eye on our website to find out more as we continue to grow.


ACT Frogwatch

ACT Frogwatch is run through your local Landcare group, Ginninderra Landcare. Go to their website to see how and when you can be involved.


ACT for Bees

Learn how to plant a bee-friendly garden or even make your own bee hotel.


Waterwatch, ACT

Waterwatch, ACT is a citizen program that monitors water quality in the Upper Murrumbidgee region. Go to for more information or contact or 02)62783309 to get involved.

Top Tip!

There are more Citizen Science groups listed in the Ginninderry Treasures booklet. Read them to learn even more about the natural features of your area.

Websites and Apps

  • Bowerbird is a website where you can add sightings of flora and fauna as well as find information about the nature around you.
  • Birdlife Australia is a website which uses its specialised knowledge to inspire the conservation community. Birdata is a component of this website, used for collecting data on birds.
  • The Atlas of Living Australia is a national project based at the CSIRO which collects images and information from many sources to form a comprehensive catalogue of biodiversity data.
  • ClimateWatch is an app and a website which enables all Australians to be involved in collecting and reporting data on the climate.
  • Australian Native Plants Enthusiasts Forum is a Facebook group for sharing of posts. 
  • iNaturalist is one of the world’s most popular nature apps. It helps you to identify the plants and animals around you

And you never know, like the man in this story, you could rediscover a rare animal species. 



Volunteering is an enriching way to participate in the wider community, make new friends and learn more about your areas of interest. Here are some local opportunities for community volunteering. 


Strathnairn Arts Association

The Strathnairn Arts Centre is often called a “hidden gem” of Canberra, and it is right on your doorstep! There are many ways that you can volunteer with them and participate in this corner of Canberra’s Arts scene.

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Uniting Care Kippax

Uniting Care Kippax runs some great programs in West-Belconnen, particularly focussed around youth, parent and child services. They also run the Mower Shed, a social enterprise which is available for gardening and odd jobs around Canberra.


Belconnen Community Services

Belconnen Community Services covers the whole gamut of community with an active exhibition space, theatrette, hall, gym, childcare, youth hub, disabilities assistance, arts space and more. It’s worth visiting or attending a class there and talking to the staff to see how you can help.


Canberra City Care

Canberra City Care provides a range of services to those in need including technical support, a food pantry, an op shop and meeting/training rooms for hire. Volunteers are always welcome here.


Belconnen Arts Centre

The Belconnen Arts Centre runs a range of programs in their space and also has a busy exhibition schedule. You can volunteer as a gallery assistant, events assistant, workshop assistant or grounds assistant. Find out more here.


Trash Mob

Trash Mob is a fun way to socialise while cleaning up littered areas in Canberra. As well as meeting some great, like minded and socially conscious individuals you can feel good about having done something to help the environment. 



The Ginninderra Landcare Group is the landcare group that is active in your area. You can contact them here.  


Greening Australia

If you want to make a difference to wildlife and our landscape, then joining in with Greening Australia at one of their events could be for you.  Find out more here

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