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After consumption of products something must always be done with packaging.

You can visit the ACT Government’s Recyclopedia for a comprehensive guide on what is and is not recyclable.

Make sure to rinse containers where necessary and never put your recycling into a plastic bag, if you do, the whole bag will be thrown into landfill!

You can also recycle your clean, plastic bags at many supermarkets, have a look next time you’re at your local supermarket to see if they have a plastic bag drop off bin.

Top Tip!

Some things are difficult to recycle, here’s a list of places to deliver some of those tricky items:

The Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) enables people to take certain bottles to a recycling or collection point and receive cash for containers. Go to the CDS Website to learn more about what can and can’t be recycled.

You can also bring your bottles into The Link where we can use them to fund our Choir!

Old computers and hardware can be taken to Canberra City Care’s Tech Shed where a team can refurbish them to provide computers to people in need.

Soft Landing in Hume recycles mattresses in Canberra.

Children’s car seats are very difficult to recycle. Find information about reusing children’s car seats here.

If all else fails try your local Buy Nothing Facebook group or Givit, an Australia wide site that allows people to give to charitable organisations around the country.


Home composting systems, worm farms or Bokashi buckets are all efficient methods of getting rid of food waste, creating nutrient rich compost or fertiliser for soil building and, done right, they do not smell or take up much space.

You can sign up to Sharewaste, where you can find local composting opportunities or share your own compost bin to get your neighbours’ scraps.

Green Waste Bin

You can order a Green Waste bin from the ACT Government. You can use this for garden clippings (not compost) and it will be collected by an ACT Government contractor in just the same way as your garbage bin.


When nothing else can be done, the last resort for any product is the rubbish pile. Make sure all rubbish cannot first be recycled or composted so that we can all reduce landfill!

Order your bin here.

Find collection dates for your suburb on the ACT Government collection calendar.

Reuse And Repair

The Repair Café, run from the Canberra Environment Centre, is a community driven repair centre. Find more details here.

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