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Zero Waste

The Zero Waste Hierarchy turns consumption on its head. It’s good to remember that reducing waste can also save you money.

This pyramid demonstrates that the best way to reduce waste is to avoid it to begin with!

You can: rethink whether you really need something and refuse what you don’t really need, particularly if it has excessive and wasteful packaging,

You might like to talk to your family, friends and neighbours about how we can all help each other to do this. Have conversations about children’s birthday parties, Christmas gatherings or any other occasion where there can be an exchange of things and food.

When a change produces positive results, it can be welcomed!

Have you seen The Story of Stuff? This gives a great perspective on how what we use is created and where it ends up! You will never look at stuff the same way again.

Find your Tool Library. The Link has a tool library where you can access those infrequently used, tools such as lawn mowers, drills, hammers and so on. Contact The Link team to join so that you can access this great resource!

The Zero Waste Revolution has a great website with lots of useful guides.

Top Tip!

Many good quality items can be found second hand at a fraction of the price of new, and it all helps to prevent excess landfill! Have a look in your local op shop to see what treasures you can find! Also, The Green Shed in Mitchell is only 10/15 mins away.

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