Emergency Ready

What To Do

  • Prepare an emergency plan for when an emergency takes place.
  • Keep the emergency plan on display in your home or business, make sure all family members or employees are familiar with the plan and practice once every year.
  • Your plan may include these steps:
  • pick two meeting places in safe locations and plan how you would get to each place
  • choose a household member to take control during an emergency event and to act as the contact person
  • prepare an emergency kit and store the kit in a waterproof container in a safe place – see Emergency Kit Checklist
  • listen for warnings – tune into a local radio station or television station or monitor the Bureau of Meteorology website
  • dial 000 if you are in a life-threatening emergency, 112 if there is no mobile phone coverage, or 106 if you have a speech or hearing impairment (triplezero.gov.au)
  • secure your premises and turn off gas, electricity and water connections
  • act on the advice of emergency personnel and evacuate if instructed to do so
  • list the household or business members who have not been contacted

The Red Cross RediPlan has been designed to help you plan for an emergency situation at your place.Extra Resources

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