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Please take care of your pets while moving. In a new home and suburb they can be unfamiliar with the scents and sounds of the area. Due to its proximity to the Ginninderry Conservation Corridor there are some special guidelines for pets in Strathnairn.

Responsible Pet Ownership


Strathnairn is a Cat Containment suburb. This means that cats must not be found outside of their owner’s premises at any time. If your cat is found roaming, rangers can seize your cats and a fine of up to $1500 can be issued to you.

Why? An ACT Study found that cats were responsible for killing 67 species of native animals. As we are close to the Ginninderry Conservation Corridor and the Woodstock Nature reserve, where there is an abundance of native wildlife, and as the Murrumbidgee River corridor is a renowned migration corridor for many bird species, we must all ensure the protection of this natural fauna for the sake of future generations.

More information on cat containment and your responsibilities as a cat owner, is available at or by phoning Access Canberra on 13 22 81. The ACT Government also has some handy information about cat containment here.


Dogs are not permitted in the Ginninderry Conservation Corridor. This is a special area which will be a sanctuary to our native birds and animals. No domestic animals are permitted in this area. In the future a dedicated dog park will be provided within Strathnairn for owners to take their dogs to run off leash.

Within the suburb of Strathnairn dogs are able to be walked on a leash.

There is a temporary dog park on Speldewinde Street in Strathnairn where you can take your dogs off-leash. Nearby, the Umbagong District Park (between Latham and Macgregor) is a lovely place to take your dog on-leash. A list of other off-leash areas within the ACT can be found here.

Dogs must also be secured in their yard when away from their owner. In the ACT dogs are not permitted to be off their leash in a public space.  For further information about pets in the ACT go to the TCCS website.

Top Tip!

Bored dogs can often become a nuisance through excessive barking. You can prevent this behaviour by exercising your dog regularly and keeping them in a clean environment. Rewarding positive behaviour can sometimes help to stop unnecessary barking.

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